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Take The High Road:

Jim Robinson of FreeRepublic.com is Not a "Dickless Fag"




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Subject: Pastor Mark Dankof: Jim Robinson of FreeRepublic.com is Not a "Dickless Fag"

    Jim Robinson, Webmaster and Editor


    Dear Jim--I did take up for you today on Liberty Post. For real.

    Pastor Mark (Dankof)





"He's [Jim Robinson of FreeRepublic.com] a dickless fag,

just like his neocon defenders."

An anonymous commentator at www.LibertyPost.org






This is Mark Dankof, the writer of the original piece posted with Al Jazeera, FreeRepublic.com, Strike-the-Root, and endless other places on the web--that has caused all of the subsequent hullabaloo. Now my good friends and ideological colleagues at Liberty Post have re-posted it once more, along with many comments in my defense, for which I am grateful. "Bush and His Pals at The Weekly Standard and FreeRepublic.com" continues to have the desired--and truthful--impact, for which I am also grateful.

For the record, Jim Robinson of FreeRepublic.com allowed anonymous posters to his site to pillory me as a Communist; a Jew-hater and anti-Semite; as un-American; and even a practicing homosexual (his posters lifted pictures from my web page at www.MarkDankof.com of me with my college roommate at Valparaiso University with explicit 'queer' references). For the public record, I am an orthodox Lutheran pastor; Taft Republican; certainly anti-Ariel Sharon, anti-AIPAC and PNAC, but not anti-Semitic; and a monogamous and married heterosexual. My wife is a devout Roman Catholic.

And while it is true that Jim Robinson and FreeRepublic.com love Junior Bush for 500 billion dollar+ budget deficits, zillion dollar manufacturing trade deficits; New World Order trade agreements like NAFTA, GATT, WTO, and Permanent Most Favored Nation trading status for Communist China (PMFN); the perpetual outsourcing of American jobs and insourcing of 3rd World Labor; Federal subsidies for Planned Parenthood; the institution of a Federal police state courtesy of the Bush-Ashcroft 'USA Patriot Act'; the importation of another 12 million illegal aliens; open borders; and a Perpetual War on behalf of war criminal Ariel Sharon and the oil-natural gas consortiums, we certainly need to take the high road in our own commentary about our enemies who love the Leviathan State and its Corporate Allies.

Is it really true, for example, that Jim Robinson of FreeRepublic.com is a "dickless fag?" Obviously he supports many clinical evil and idiotic policies. But does this really prove qualitatively that he is in fact a practicing homosexual, with possible links to Rich Tafel and the Log Cabin Republicans who are infatuated with George W. Bush? To be fair, our readers at Liberty Post need to write Jim and specifically ask him if he is a "dickless fag." Second, while I suspect that being a "dickless fag" would be a particularly lamentable and tragic state, St. Paul's narrative in Romans, chapter 1 indicates that the real trouble is with homosexuals with phalluses who use them in perverted, abnormal, and Biblically proscribed ways. I have no reason to believe that Jim Robinson is this type of person. We have to respect Luther's admonition and explanation of the 8th Commandment, to ". . . defend our neighbor, speak well of him, and put the best construction on everything."

Finally, my wife saw the irony of FreeRepublic.com's lifting of a picture of the two of us with President Bush at a party in Kerrville, Texas taken in 1994 by a Republican judge in Kerr County (who invited us to a gathering where Junior was then running for Governor of Texas against Ann Richards). She told me that if it came right down to it, she'd rather I be publicly libeled as a practicing homosexual than as one supporting the Bush-Sharon policy of Perpetual War and Death and the cooptation of the national leadership of the United States at the hands of the Israeli Lobby and multinational corporations.

I suspect most real Americans--and orthodox Christians--would agree.



Mark Dankof






(Mark Dankof is a Lutheran pastor and free-lance journalist, occasionally contributing to Iran Dokht, Al Bawaba, Nile Media, CASCFEN, and other Internet news sites. Once a 3rd party candidate for the United States Senate in Delaware [2000], he maintains the web-site Mark Dankof’s America while pursuing post-graduate theological education at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.)







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