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The Coming Preemptive Strike on Iran, A Coming American Military Draft, and

 A Man Named Michael Anthony Peroutka



by Mark Dankof

Unless you’re in the upper echelons of the American Political Science Association, or involved with the academics of the German Lutheran Mecca known as Valparaiso University in Greater Chicagoland, the name of Dr. Richard Balkema probably doesn’t resonate as a household name. This is a pity, since his steel-trap archival mind, analytical and communicative teaching skills, and basic human decency have been serving professional colleagues and mere student mortals with a Servant’s heart for decades.

It was Dr. Balkema who enhanced my own ability as a mere college freshmen in 1973 to quickly collate a diverse and voluminous variety of public sources of information, to read and evaluate them, to think independently, and to search for the deeper meaning behind what was–and wasn’t–printed in the controlled and corporately owned American news media. His tutelage has served me well for over thirty (30) years. To the extent that I effectively share anything of value with my own readers and friends in a variety of diverse locations and disciplines around the world, he may be legitimately recognized as one of the great influences upon my life that God has graciously bestowed along the linear passageway of time.

A brief collation of excellent public sources of information, followed by quiet reading, prayer, and consultation has recently led me to several political conclusions I sincerely hope are wrong. Only time will tell.

The first of these is that the United States--and/or its surrogate presence in the Middle East, a Sharon-led Likudnik government in Israel–will engage in a preemptive military strike against the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) regime in Iran and its budding nuclear facilities at Bushehr and Natanz. The only serious questions remaining are the timing of the strike, and whether or not an American-Israeli air assault on the facilities in question will be followed by a larger American military application of aerial and ground forces to enact the Neo-Conservative mantra of “regime change” in Tehran.

The emerging public data on this from reputable sources is beginning to multiply ominously. Eric Margolis’s piece for Pat Buchanan’s June 21st issue of The American Conservative entitled, “Iran Builds a Bomb: Will Joint U. S.-Israeli Attacks Be Bush’s October Surprise?” is but one excellent place to begin examination of the impending dangers. Scott Peterson’s essay on June 3rd for the Christian Science Monitor is yet another. And the excellent English language posts on the IRI’s clash with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Bush Administration, and the Europeans provided by Safa Haeri, Editor-in-Chief of Iran Press Service are simply invaluable information for both American and international readers concerned about the direction in which events seem to be moving with inexorable speed. The icing on the cake for web browsers will be the June 10th posting on the Guerrilla News Service of Bush & Sharon: The Oil Connection by Conn Hallinan, a provost at the University of California and consultant for Foreign Policy Focus. Mr. Hallinan quotes my good friend, Gordon Thomas of Ireland, author of Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad, as indicating the Bushehr and Natanz preemptive military operations are a virtual certainty in a reasonably proximate time frame. Thomas is a brilliant thinker and writer with some of the best sources within the Israeli Mossad, American CIA, and British MI6 of any man alive. As E. F Hutton would put it, when he talks, smart people listen. And if all of this seems especially daunting, the reading public would do well to read the text of United States House of Representatives Concurrent Resolution 398, which passed the House on May 6th and was sent to the United States Senate for similar consideration and ultimate adoption. The subject? Iranian nuclear weapons development. The proposed means of American governmental opposition to this scenario? “All appropriate means.” Translation: Get ready for a good preemptive, offensive military strike by the United States against Iran.

American military involvement in this looming escapade is a cataclysmic disaster within sight on the horizon of dusk, headed toward an endless night. In the first place, as New York Times correspondent Stephen Kinzer chronicles in his brilliant work, All the Shah’s Men, it was the covert intervention and involvement of the American CIA in overthrowing Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953 that led directly to the Iranian Revolution of 1978-79 and the ensconcement of a theocratically oriented Islamic regime in that country. Well meaning, but misguided Iranian human rights groups who now openly call for American military and intelligence involvement in overthrowing the IRI regime must understand that the blowback from such an operation would be incalculable, both in Iran and around the world. It would produce the very support for radical Islamic elements in Tehran currently on the wane in popularity due to a quarter of a century of bad economics and political repression beyond description. The 50 million Iranians born since the Revolution are the key to getting rid of the odious Mullahs and installing an indigenous government that repristinates neither Islamic fundamentalism nor a monarchy in the back pocket of Western oil consortiums and the Sharon regime in Tel Aviv. Iranian expatriates in the United States and Europe who yearn to return home under such a new regime, must be willing to risk their own lives and treasures in the recapturing of their beloved nation–not those of average Americans in Peoria. It simply cannot occur in any other fashion–nor should it. And Iranian human rights organizations with palpable links to American Corporate and Zionist associations and sources of funding will forfeit their own claim to be a reservoir of hope for Iranians worldwide who seek neither theocracy nor a repeat of the tragedy of 1953-79. The IRI will expose these links–while reminding an indigenous Iranian population that the worst tragedies and excesses of its predecessor were embodied in the dreaded repression of the Shah’s SAVAK secret police–a creation of both the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad.

And assuming that striking Bushehr and Natanz with American air power is in the moral framework and political interest of the average American (a major assumption for the sake of argument), it will fly in both American and world opinion only under the most specific, publicly enumerated, and stringently defined guidelines. This is especially the case after the quagmire created by George W. Bush and Company in Iraq in the last 16 months. What are these guidelines? I believe they include the following:

1. The employment of consistent, coalitional international diplomacy against the IRI regime in Iran on the issue of the latter’s burgeoning nuclear program, with a first-resort to political, economic, and trade sanctions against Tehran in the event of a demonstrable non-compliance with the inspections and standards of the IAEA where the Bushehr, Natanz, and Arak projects are concerned. Vladimir Putin’s involvement in this process is essential. Mr. Putin is no idiot where it comes to his own self-interest and that of Russia, which assumed construction of the Bushehr reactor in Iran after the Siemens Corporation of Germany bowed to American pressure and ceased involvement with the project. He will surely grasp that a nuclear Tehran under IRI auspices will eventually arm Putin’s own Islamic adversaries in Chechnya, currently conducting terrorist operations on an ongoing basis within the Russian President’s own capital city and nation.

2. The United States cannot reasonably insist upon Iranian submission to IAEA inspection and potential dismantlement of militarily-related nuclear programs without insisting upon the application of the same standard to the government of Israel, its Dimona nuclear-weapons production plant, and its Institute of Biological Sciences and Research in Tel Aviv, among other operations and sites in that country that meet neither IAEA standards nor those of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPF). The notion that Tehran has no right or legitimate claim to Weapons of Mass Destruction while the regime of international war criminal Ariel Sharon does, is morally and politically unsustainable. Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry must jointly level with their financial backers in the American-Israeli lobby in saying publicly that this tenet is non-negotiable in the wider context of fairness and international stability. The necessary confrontation with the blood-stained Sharon regime and its supporters within the continental United States over Israeli nuclear and biological weaponry must similarly be accompanied by American insistence that the days of Uncle Sam’s bankrolling of ongoing Israeli land thievery, illegal occupation of territories, and genocidal policies against Palestinians are over as of right now. Preemptive military action against the enemies of Israel in the Middle East without addressing the honest grievances of the former against the latter is a simple case of undiluted immorality. It will also achieve ongoing blowback: continued and exponential increases in hatred and ill-will toward the United States that will only increase the membership numbers and activities of Middle Eastern terrorist organizations hell-bent on retaliation against America both abroad and within her continental borders.

3. Any proposed American or Israeli preemptive strike on Iran must be accompanied by a complete and verifiable public case to both the American and international communities that Tehran possesses a nuclear program specifically related to military purposes and intended first-strike utilization. The package of lies and absurdities presented by Colin Powell to the UN on Dubya’s behalf before the preemptive strike against Saddam Hussein and Iraq creates a future high-bar standard for the United States in proving a case against the Iranians that even exceeds what Adlai Stevenson legitimately presented to the UN on John Kennedy’s behalf in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The international community–and an increasingly angry American public–will not let Mr. Bush repeat his smoke-and-mirrors performance of a year ago–nor should they.

4. Mr. Bush and a comatose American Congress largely owned by the American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) must read Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution. It informs them (and the rest of us), that the Founding Fathers of America eschewed monarchy and capricious foreign wars. The legal and American Constitutional prerogative to declare war between the United States and any foreign power rests solely in the Congress of the United States. Mr. Bush has committed the United States to a $200 billion dollar war of counterinsurgency and foreign occupation in Iraq on the basis of fraudulent intelligence and analysis provided by American Neo-Conservative advisors with direct and indirect links to the Israeli government–and a crook named Ahmad Chalabi with alleged links to the IRI regime in Iran—and without a Congressional Declaration of War according to the Constitutional standards of Article 1, Section 8. Dubya should not be facing a re-election bid, but impeachment hearings and resolutions. He and his pals–along with Mr. Kerry—should not be allowed a similar and tragic free pass in Iran, or anywhere else.

Finally, the American Presidential elections are approximately four (4) months away. The War for Israel and Empire Party that owns the political process in the United States has every bet covered at the race track in the first Tuesday in November. The chances are excellent, the betting odds prohibitive, that either Bush or Kerry will lead the American people into more war, death, and debt in the months beyond. Arguments about Iran, Israel, and Middle Eastern policy that presently seem too esoteric for average Americans to comprehend, or to follow, will become pivotal in the first half of 2005. Why? Because presently well-hidden legislation on Capitol Hill in the twin forms of Senate Bill 89 and House of Representatives Bill 163 plans to re-institute a policy of military draft and conscription in the United States after the Republicrat War Party “wins” another Presidential election. Pax Romanica has undergone a metamorphosis into Pax Americana. But the Regime may not understand the Second American Revolution brewing against both Washington and Tel Aviv. Stay tuned.

The beginning of this Second American Revolution is being duly ignored by the Bush Administration and the Republicrat Establishment at its peril. This coming week in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, between June 22nd and 27th, begins the National Convention of the Constitution Party, which will be on the ballot in approximately 42 states by the first Tuesday in November. Its presumptive Presidential nominee is a Baltimore-based Christian attorney named Michael Peroutka. Mr. Peroutka is notably a Christian conservative who strenuously opposes un-Constitutional wars and foreign interventions on behalf of Pax Americana and the Elite that drives it. His message is beginning to resonate among Americans previously enamored of George W. Bush and an Israel First Foreign Policy. The American Media will ignore him as long as it can. Yes, he will not win the election in November. But by June of 2005, he will be heralded as the Prophet of the Old American Republic when his predictions about the direction of a Bush-Kerry led America are fulfilled in a wider Middle Eastern war fueled by the wholesale drafting of American sons and daughters for the sacrifice of life and limb in a foreign conflict inimical to the American interest as defined by the Founding Fathers of the nation--- and the Farewell Address foreign policy of President George Washington undoubtedly shaped by the wintry snows and adversities at Valley Forge during the American War of Independence in the 18th century.


Mark Dankof is a regular contributor to the American paleo-conservative news site Breaking All the Rules, the libertarian Strike The Root page on the World Wide Web, and the Southern Heritage site DixieInternet.com. He also contributes to a diverse collection of Central Asian and Middle Eastern news agencies, including Al Jazeerah, Al Bawaba, Nile Media, Iran Dokht, The Iranian, and CASCFEN. Mr. Dankof’s father was the Air Force Logistics Command’s (AFLC) Liaison to Southeast Asia for the purpose of directing the logistical end of Richard Nixon’s air war over North Vietnam in the early 1970s, and subsequently a logistical advisor to the Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF) during the final years of the reign of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Mark Dankof's America may be found at http://www.MarkDankof.com. His recent interview with Constitution Party Presidential candidate, Michael Peroutka of Baltimore, may be found either there, or on Mr. Peroutka's campaign site at http://www.Peroutka2004.com.





   (Mark Dankof is a Lutheran pastor and free-lance journalist, occasionally contributing to Iran Dokht, Al Bawaba, Nile Media, CASCFEN, and other Internet news sites. Once a 3rd party candidate for the United States Senate in Delaware [2000], he maintains the web-site Mark Dankof’s America while pursuing post-graduate theological education at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. His commentary may be found regularly on SARTRE's Old American Right and Republic news site, Breaking All the Rules.



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