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The Entangling American Alliance With Israel:

More of the American Right Catches On

by Mark Dankof

for Al Bawaba, The Middle East Gateway

Beware of measures short of dictatorship,

for they are like measures short of war.

Beware of personal power in the worshipful image.

Beware of this European doctrine of indispensability,

and of the saying that to challenge it is treasonable.

Beware of the fait accompli, for it is the last warning.

Beware of the next step, for there is only one more.


Garet Garrett in an anti-War editorial of the American Right, entitled “Your Government

in the October 12, 1940 Saturday Evening Post.[1]

            The American Neo-Conservative War Party, in firm control of both major political parties in the United States, is getting increasingly and obviously more desperate. The transparent desperation comes in the wake of plummeting opinion polls about Mr. Bush’s preemptive war in Iraq. This in turn is related to brewing public discontent over provably false pre-war intelligence estimates, skyrocketing war bills, a steady stream of young American deaths in what is demonstrably now an urban guerrilla war in Baghdad, the ongoing public exposure of the crooked character of no-bid contract awards and accompanying war profiteering by the President’s friends in entrenched places like Halliburton Oil and Bechtel, and insane suggestions by key Administration advisors that an expansion of the preemptive war doctrine may soon include Syria and Iran.

            The desperation is also due to the increasing inability of Mr. Bush and his Israeli-affiliated advisors to quash the free flow of information in an Internet age. Where once the denizens of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, National Review, and The New Republic could insure a mainstream Left-Right War Party consensus on American Empire and Israel through the control and manipulation of disseminated news, their Information Monolith has become an increasing casualty of citizen accessibility to responsible domestic and international data and op-ed pieces which shed light upon what was an aura of darkness.

            The most recent example of the shedding of light and the absence of the Emperor’s clothing occurred this week in two articles covering a story with the potential to sear the War Party even further. The British Guardian’s November 22nd story by Jamie Doward and Jessica Hodgson entitled, “Pentagon Bankers May Bail Out [Conrad] Black: ‘Ex-Presidents Club’ [Carlyle Group] Ready to Throw Lifeline to Embattled Telegraph Owner,” and Justin Raimondo’s Antiwar.com op-ed piece entitled, “Conrad Black and the Corruption of Empire: The War Party–They’re Thieves As Well as Liars,” both reveal the ominous triangular alliance of Mr. Bush’s Neo-Conservative Chicken Hawks with military-related contractors and the ever-present Israeli Lobby at a time when a trusting consensus in the President and his preemptive war policies is coming apart like a cheap suit.


            The story is fraught with implications. Lord Conrad Black, the recently deposed CEO of Hollinger International, Inc. and continued owner of the British Telegraph, was forced to step down at Hollinger after pocketing $7.2 million in unauthorized pay, not including millions in payments to Black’s front companies for “management services.” Hollinger’s stockholders are demanding a company investigation. The Security and Exchange Commission is also involved.

            But far more than Conrad Black’s criminal exposure is involved in the Hollinger affair, whose newspaper portfolio includes the Likudnik Jerusalem Post. Justin Raimondo reminds readers at Antiwar.com that Chief Neo-Con adviser to George Bush and Israeli asset, Richard Perle, is a Board Member of Hollinger and the head of Hollinger Digital, the company’s venture capital arm---which in turn has invested $2.5 million in Trireme Partners, a subsidiary seeking to cash in on defense contracts and the Homeland Security buildup. Hollinger International also invested $14 million in an outfit called Hillman Capital, whose managing partner, Gerald Hillman, is not only a Perle partner at Trireme, but a fellow colleague at the infamous Defense Policy Board. It is this latter American national security conclave where the interests of defense contractors and assets of the Ariel Sharon regime in Israel intersect in the Pentagon board’s individual and collective membership.

            As Raimondo puts it, the Hollinger media combine is a “. . .particularly muscular tentacle of the Neo-Con media octopus. . .its demise would mark a great setback for the War Party.” There is a corollary to this truism: the demise of Hollinger would not simply be a setback for the agitprop tentacles of the War Party, but a potential takedown of much more than the personage of Conrad Black. Who else might go down, criminally as well as politically, and what might be the subsequent implications for the credibility of American, Israeli, and British national security and banking elites if the takedown occurs in the light of day?

            Key chessplayers with concealed hands may be attempting to arrange the pieces on the board to insure that the answers remain hidden in the darkness. The infamous Carlyle Group, linked to Bush and Bin Laden family investments, American defense contractors and oil consortiums, central bankers and Likudniks, has now stepped forward to indicate a possible interest in rescuing Hollinger International. The November 22nd Guardian story quotes a Carlyle source as indicating that: 1) the sum of the arrangement would be a removal of Conrad Black from management, but not his equity stake; 2) a Carlyle investment sum that could be as much as a 40% ownership of Hollinger; and 3) a provision for Carlyle to name new members to the Hollinger Board of Directors. Black must be rejoicing in a proposed arrangement which allows him to keep the dough, stay on this side of the law and jail, and maintain the protective covering of a management umbrella comprised of heavyweights John Major, George Herbert Walker Bush, James Baker, Frank Carlucci, Henry Kissinger—and Richard Perle. One suspects that Mr. Black’s membership in the secretive, globalist Bilderberg group, mentioned in the Guardian account, would also remain intact.

            What does not remain intact is the credibility of Mr. Bush and his top advisors about the moral and political rationale for war in Iraq. Especially problematic for the President--and for the Israeli Lobby’s agents in both the Executive and Legislative Branches of the American government--is the exposure of a widening breach in the electorate generally, and on the starboard side of the political spectrum in the United States specifically, when it comes to the questions of Oil, Empire, and Israel as legitimate grounds for the expenditure of American lives. The vetting this week of the deeper implications of a Carlyle-Hollinger International, Inc. business partnership simply heightens this developing gulf, much to the chagrin of both George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon.

            William Kristol’s The Weekly Standard, William F. Buckley’s National Review, Joseph Farah’s pro-Israel Internet site World Net Daily, and the tel-evangelists of the Dispensational Christian lobby will continue to march to the drumbeats of more preemptive war, more military intervention, and more death on behalf of oil pipelines and Sharon’s occupation policies on the West Bank and Gaza. But other winds on the American Right have begun to blow in the opposite direction. These winds gather with increasing speed and resolve, in a desire to restore the Old Republic while avoiding planetary apocalypse and American policy paths designed to revisit the tragedies of the Roman and British Empires past. They include Patrick J. Buchanan’s The American Conservative; Clayton R. Douglas’s The Free American; Jon Basil Utley’s Americans Against World Empire; Eric Garris’s Antiwar.com; LewRockwell.com; Robert Higgs’s The Independent Review; and the powerful, yet theologically reflective essays of Catholic commentator Joseph Sobran at Sobran's.

            The plot thickens. Stay tuned.





[1]From Defend America First: The Antiwar Editorials of the Saturday Evening Post, 1939-1942.

Caxton Press: Caldwell, Idaho. 2003. Pages 107-108. (Excellent introduction written by Bruce Ramsey of the Seattle Times.)







(Mark Dankof is an Internet news commentator and book reviewer for Uncensored News and Views. A past candidate for the United States Senate in Delaware in 2000, he is a Lutheran pastor and post-graduate student of systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. His own web site, Mark Dankof’s America, contains many articles and items of interest, including the recently completed 14 chapter manuscript A Summer of a Thousand Nights: From Tehran to Susa.)








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